willie parker does abortions as gods work

Willie Parker, Fake Christian, Says His “Ministry” Is To Kill Babies

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Willie Parker claims he’s a christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. Yet he terminates innocent lives. He says he’s doing “God’s work”

According to abortionist Willie Parker’s version of Christianity, women should be allowed and encouraged to sacrifice their unborn babies’ lives to better their own.

Parker performs abortions in several states to help them do it. He calls it his “ministry.”

The southern abortionist has been traveling across the country during the past few months to promote his new book and claim that he is serving God by killing babies in the womb.

Did God tell him that murdering babies is in his will? More than likely not. God is the creator of human life, and we should value and protect the lives of all innocents.

“Preserving access [to abortion] is my calling,” Parker writes in his new book, “A Life’s Work,” which will bring him to Seattle’s Town Hall on June 6. “As a Christian and a doctor, I am committed to protecting women’s health.”

By protecting women’s health, Parker means destroying unborn babies in abortions – and that’s all he does. Years ago, after reading a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about the Good Samaritan, Parker said he decided to make aborting unborn babies his sole work.

He claims that a true christian must give women the help they need.  In fact, a true christian wouldn’t even consider abortion as an option. Women need to be told of the options, like adoption, foster care, or just raising the child.

“As a Christian, I feel that it’s my job to help offer a counternarrative,” Parker writes. “That God gave every woman gifts, and the agency to realize those gifts, and that nothing about choosing to terminate a pregnancy or to delay childbearing puts a woman outside of God’s love.

“… No God I believe in would judge this woman for wanting to be the best version of herself.”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to better oneself, but there’s no need to take a life to make another better. Furthermore God does judge, but he also forgives. (Isaiah 43:25) I am the one who wipes out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins.  This forgiveness only comes with being repentant, something that Willie Parker has no intention of being.

When the newspaper asked him if he is worried about meeting God someday, Parker replied: “I meet God every day with the people who need my help. I know God and God will know me. I don’t believe that the people who say they know God will have any say in that.”

Whether Parker actually believes what he says or he is just doing it for publicity is hard to say. Either way, he is openly defying Christian teachings about the sanctity and value of human life.

Willie Parker declares that the Bible is just a historical document, that’s ruthless, unsparing record of the historic misogyny of the early christian people. Sounds like a true christian! (*sarc*) If he would actually read the Bible he would know it consistently reveals life as God’s gift, and mandates the protection of innocent human life.

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