white supremacy in America

White Supremacy In America – Proof Positive It Is Alive And Thriving

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White supremacy in America is alive and well. And, we at Omnia News, wanted to help you, our viewers, understand it all.

Democrats and the corporate media have been telling you for years about white supremacy in America and how much it hurts us all. But, their message might not have been clear. And, with the culmination of the massive, blatant white supremacy on show at the Capitol on January 6, we felt it important to summarize things into a single sentence complete with references:

“White supremacist supporters of a white supremacist President stormed the capitol of our white supremacist government and attacked white supremacist police officers and are now being chased down by the white supremacist FBI and put into prisons, which are run by white supremacists.

– Democrats and Corporate Media

Also, in case you are confused, yes, all of the non-whites involved in the above are also white supremacists.

You’re welcome.