Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis Could Be The New President Of Planned Parenthood

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Earlier this year the number one baby killing business’s president Cecile Richards decided she will step down. Now Planned Parenthood set up a committee and is working with a search firm to find an equally murderous minded person to take her place. Of course Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis is one of the many people being considered to take her place. When asked about running Planned Parenthood, she praised the work of the group. She didn’t directly address whether she was interested in Richards’ position. With her relationship with Planned Parenthood and her stance on abortion, unfortunately she would be a perfect fit.

What she has done

  • Davis had an abortion in 1996 when doctors said her baby girl would be blind and deaf.
  • 2013 when she wore pink sneakers and a urinary catheter and then filibustered a Texas bill that would ban abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy. She came to be known as “Abortion Barbie” by conservative media.
  • She claims she was a struggling single mother who came from the bottom to become a Harvard grad and a political success. Which of course was a lie.
  • Now runs “Deeds Not Works,” an organization that she founded to encourage young women to engage in abortion advocacy and other political causes.
  • She traveled to 20 states campaigning for Hillary Clinton during the presidential race.
  • She also called pro-life legislators “bastards” because they want to protect unborn babies.

Davis says,

Planned Parenthood and the mission of Planned Parenthood – the health care provided by Planned Parenthood – is always going to be part of the core of who I am,” said Davis. “I’m so proud that I’ve had an opportunity to travel all over this country and help Planned Parenthood affiliates to be successful.”

Planned Parenthood kills more then 300,000 innocent children every year and performs roughly one-third of all abortions in the U.S. each year. It doesn’t matter who they get to run that business, Planned Parenthood is evil.