Vibrators on Your Back to School Shopping List? 

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The popular teen magazine Teen Vogue, whose targeted audience is teen girls ages 13 through 17, published a back to school article with great tips on staying healthy. Which is great, until it bottomed out and suggested that girls shop for vibrators, condoms, and lubricants. What? Excuse me, but when did sex supplies become apart of back to school shopping?

The teen magazine has developed a reputation for pushing risky sexual behavior and a solidly pro-abortion agenda on young girls. Its new “Back to School” series is no exception.

While Teen Vogue does suggest some great things like exercise equipment, healthy snacks, feminine hygiene products and even essential oils, it also encourages teens – this means girls as young as 13 – to check out vibrators, lubricants and condoms when they are back to school shopping. Even the main photo for the article is a close-up of a pink condom.

The Resurgent writer Susan Wright warns parents to be aware of the magazine’s agenda “before they buy that subscription, or allow this open sewer to invade their homes.”

The magazine also promotes masturbation with several recommended personal massagers, or vibrators.
“Personal massagers are one of the best ways to let off steam with zero risk of STIs,” it tells teens.

It goes on to recommend several brands of condoms and lubricants and later a sex education “comic book” that “covers way more than just the birds and the bees.”

This garbage magazine is completely disgusting. Instead of promoting studying and having goals in academics, aiming high in school studies, they’re filling young girls head with this absurd immorality. They push the narrative that that sex is what should be of highest concern. They obviously don’t want to see girls strive for the best in education. More like giving tips on poor decision making, and making choices in life that can have horrendous  consequence.

The magazine clearly has an agenda. Earlier this year, Newsbusters’ Katie Yoder discovered that Teen Vogue promoted abortion to teens more than 63 times in just January and February.

One of the most outrageous of these pieces was “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion,” an article that sparked a huge backlash from the pro-life community. The magazine suggested a series of gifts, including coloring books, chocolates, a uterus-shaped hot water bottle, disposable underwear and an “F U-terus” pin — “so that when some rude jerk asks if you regret your choice (as if that is somehow their business), you won’t need to say a word.” Proceeds from the sales of the pin benefit Planned Parenthood, of course.

Makes sense that this raunchy magazine would encourage young girls to have a sexually destructive lifestyle. Who cares if a girl gets pregnant, because like stated earlier, Teen Vogue promoted abortion more then 63 times this year alone. And praises up the baby butchering business, Planned Parenthood. This magazine literally has no respect for human life. More than likely its not the kids buying these magazines, since most kids do not work. It is the parents who are keeping Teen Vogue in business.

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