A Trump Supporter At The Capitol Peacefully Protesting
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A Trump Supporter’s Tale – We Were At The Capitol With High Hopes, Not Gas Masks

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I am a Trump supporter who was at the Stop The Steal Rally in Washington D.C. on January 6 and also at the Capitol afterward. I want to share what I saw and my concerns about what actually happened.

My friends and I arrived at Ellipse Park around 6:30 am and found our place to hang until our great President came out to speak to us. We stood outside in the freezing cold from 6:30 am until he came out to speak around noon. He was scheduled to speak at 11 am but I know for a fact he started close to noon because I took videos and have it time-stamped.

We eagerly began walking toward the Capitol immediately following President Trump’s speech. He finished at exactly 1:11 pm. I have a time-stamped video to prove that as well. At around 1:30 we got word that Mike Pence, the traitor, released his letter stating he would not send the questioned electoral votes back to the states.

Within 5-10 min after my friends and I got word of that, we heard that “patriots got inside The Capitol.” Given what we just learned, after standing outside in freezing temps since 6:30 am, the solidarity amongst other patriots, and the love we have for our president, our country, and each other, we were emotional and pissed. VERY PISSED. I won’t lie, I can understand why patriots from near and far decided to “storm The Capitol”.

By storm, it definitely did NOT mean to break inside, break windows, or to get inside the chambers, or to vandalize any part of our great Capitol building. PATRIOTS DO NOT DO THAT! WE RESPECT LAW AND ORDER. Trump supporters have strong emotions, but we respect law and order. What I did and what other angry patriots did was walk up the steps in solidarity with one another.

We pushed our boundaries to remind the thieves inside those chambers who stole our election and to the world, whose house that belongs to. It belongs to “We The People”. And that’s exactly what we chanted multiple times. We did not have weapons, we did not burn anything, and we did not loot. We were there just to make our voices heard.

Thinking back, I remember seeing some people dressed like Trump supporters in Trump gear BUT had military-grade gas masks on. At first, i thought, “hmm..they are really into the army look” but thought nothing of it. I just figured everyone expresses their patriotism differently. But now it makes sense. Those were NOT Trump supporters. They were Antifa disguised as patriots.

As my friend and I reached the top of The Capitol we recorded footage of raw emotions on people’s faces. I saw people crying (I was one of them), I saw people screaming and I saw people in pain. Pain from the betrayal but also pain from being pepper-sprayed. My friend and I were tear-gassed a few times and shot at with rubber bullets. Luckily we weren’t hit. At no time were we violent, and we never attacked anyone, including the police.

I did approach the police standing guard with their gas masks on, and asked them with tears in my eyes, “How can you do this to us? How can you do this to your fellow Americans? How can you follow orders for people who stole an election? Do you realize that our freedom and the freedom of our children are at stake here?” I kept screaming, “shame on you” at them. I remember looking straight into their eyes but they avoided mine because they knew that the words I was saying were right.

I am all about respecting the blue. That day I felt betrayed by them and by my government. Thinking back and looking through videos and pictures I took, I can honestly say that there were people there that were definitely NOT Trump supporters. They played on our emotions and framed us. One thing is for sure, this was extremely organized.

Of course, fake news blamed us and labeled us as “domestic terrorists” and “far-right white supremacists”. Funny because I saw hundreds of black (real) Trump supporters and I saw my black patriot friends from California who I went to freedom rallies with in Beverly Hills. So, for fake news to label us as white supremacists is honestly the most idiotic, ridiculous, and insulting thing I’ve ever heard.

By 4:30 I decided to leave. My body was freezing and my heart was shattered into pieces. Before entering the uber I looked back at The Capitol and thought, what a sad day for the United States of America. Our founding forefathers must be turning over in their graves with disgust.