Texas Schools Have Already Been Arming Their Staff Since 2007

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The gun debate continues, even more now after that crazy insane man went into the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17. Most people wanting to allow school teachers to be armed, but some are against it.  The idea is not new, though, and some Texas schools have been doing it for awhile.


  • There are more than 1,000 public school districts in Texas, and about 170 of them let teachers and administrators carry concealed weapons on school grounds
  • The Argyle School Independent School District decided in 2014 to allow trained members of staff to carry guns on campus
  • Medina Independent School District has been armed since 2013
  • Harrold and Holliday Independent School Districts have been allowing members of their staffs to conceal carry handguns for years, with Harrold being one of the first in the nation to do so, in 2007
  • Callisburg Independent School District in Callisburg, Texas, began their “Guardian” program a few years ago, which allows teachers to volunteer to carry concealed firearms on school grounds
  • Under The Guardian Plan, a district can grant anyone, including employees, permission to carry firearms on campuses through a contract. The Texas Association of School Board has cautioned districts to take environmental factors, such as distance from first responding agencies, into account when considering such plans because of the liability risks
  • The Protection of Texas Children Law, passed in 2013, allows districts in the state to create “school marshals” for campuses. Those marshals are usually employees at campus

These schools are not playing around when it comes to protecting the children. Schools should be open to giving teachers, administrators and school board members the option of carrying a gun. Statistically the response time for police is around 7 minutes. Too much can happen in that short amount of time.  The first responders should be the people that are already there.

And as we learned this week, even when law enforcement arrive, it doesn’t mean they’ll actually do anything, such as in Florida, where the armed deputies cowered outside behind their cars while a coach was using his body to stop bullets and protect his students.  Had he been allowed to be armed, both he, and many of the dead students, would be alive today.

School superintendent Steve Clugston, of Callisburg Independent School District says,

Callisburg doesn’t have a local police department and instead relies on the Cooke County Sheriff’s Office for protection. He says the district needs the guardian program to keep students safe because Cooke County is so large (it’s almost 900 square miles and runs from just north of Dallas to the Oklahoma state line) it could take sheriff’s deputies several minutes to respond to something like a shooting at the school.

Argyle Independent School District Police Chief Paul Cairney appeared on MSNBC, he responded to critics about arming teachers he said,

“If you think of something better, let us know. We’re willing to listen, but at the same time, the day of doing nothing is over.”

Heres the interview: