Jacob's New Dress

North Carolina School District Wanted To Teach Boys To Wear Dresses

Without notifying parents, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system in North Carolina planned to read young students a picture book called “Jacob’s New Dress.” In the book, a schoolboy, Jacob, wants to wear a pink dress. Instead of teaching their son that dresses are for girls, Jacob’s parents decide to sacrifice their son’s mental health; they even make the […]

Kids Playing Tag

New Hampshire Elementary School Bans Kids From Playing “Tag”; Says It’s Too Rough

An elementary school in Nashua has reminded parents and students that playing “tag” violates the school’s longtime “no contact” rule for recess games. Charlotte Avenue Elementary School Principal Patricia Beaulieu posted a letter on the school’s website last week informing parents of the school’s safety policies. In the letter, she said while “tag” may seem […]