Report: Ivanka Trump Met Secretly With Planned Parenthood

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First daughter and White House Aid Ivanka Trump, 35, requested a meeting in secret with Cecile Richards to know more about the facts of Planned Parenthood. Cecile claims they provide healthcare to millions of women, and it would be absurd to defund the organization.

Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said “Purpose of the meeting is to make sure Ivanka Trump fully understands what Planned Parenthood does.” Which they claim federal funding comes from medicaid reimbursements. Yet they perform over 300 thousand abortions per year, a detail they failed to mention. Cecile kept it direct, claiming that the federal funding doesn’t actually go towards abortions.

Sure, they don’t use that money for abortions. But, they use that money for rent, electricity, supplies, and salaries for doctors so they CAN perform abortions.

Many Republicans on Capitol Hill favor cutting government funding to the organization because of its association with abortion. The development could be trouble for President Donald Trump. During the presidential primary campaign, Trump was hit by conservative rivals for his past record of favoring abortion rights, including late-term abortions. Planned Parenthood contends that the roughly half billion taxpayer dollars it takes in annually doesn’t support abortion. But the abortion business doesn’t address the fact that the funds are fungible.