Cecile Richards

Rags to Richards: A Story of Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood

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There’s something else you can add to the list of services Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide — honesty. Truth-telling hasn’t exactly been a hallmark of Cecile Richards’s group, but lately, they’re selling more fiction than Amazon. With Congress dangerously close to pulling the plug on $550 million in taxpayer funding, America’s biggest abortion business is serving up plenty of whoppers in a desperate attempt to keep the dollars flowing.

And Richards’ latest is stunning. In a rant about the House health care bill, she claims, “There isn’t really any place else for these folks to go if they can’t go to Planned Parenthood.” Not only is that an outright lie, it’s an insult to the intelligence of millions of Americans who know that there aren’t just other options for women — there are better options that provide comprehensive healthcare! And that’s where GOP leaders want to redirect our money. Sure, Planned Parenthood has 662 clinics across the country, but there are 13,540 community health centers that offer a full spectrum of services that Cecile Richards’s group doesn’t. Including mammograms. Those same centers served 21.7 million patients in 2013 — 19 million more than Planned Parenthood! So when Richards claims that passing the American Health Care Act “would be catastrophic for women,” what she really means is that it would be catastrophic for her abortion business.

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