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“Pro-Gun” Democrat Supports Banning Semi-Automatic Guns

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Steve Bullock, Montana’s democratic Governor has taken a turn in support of banning semi-automatic guns. While talking with Jake Tapper, he was asked if he supported such a ban, ad said,  “You know, I would, Jake,”

Funny how he claimed to be a pro-gun democrat when he was running for election. Now that he might possibly be running for President in 2020 his tune is changing. Back in 2016 a campaign spokesman for Bullock responded to a question about the governor’s record on guns by saying:

“Steve Bullock supports Montana’s current laws when it comes to gun rights. He opposes universal background checks, he has expanded gun rights as governor and he will always stand up for the Second Amendment.”

Just like a democrat, you never really can believe what they are saying. He wrote an opinion piece supporting universal background checks. Plus pushing for “common sense gun control”

Most gun owners are law abiding, yet too often guns get into the wrong hands. That’s why the first step ought to be universal background checks and cracking down on straw purchases of guns.

This liberal who calls himself “pro-gun” had already vetoed two pro-gun bills in his state. One that would have allowed guns in post offices and another that would have eliminated the need for concealed weapons permits. His quote on those bills:

“While I will fiercely defend the Second Amendment rights of our citizens, I cannot support an absurd concept that threatens the safety of our communities by not providing for the basic fundamentals of gun safety or mental health screening,”

Isn’t that a typical lefty, claim to defend the Second Amendment yet want to strip away the rights provided by the Second Amendment.