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Planned Parenthood & ACLU Sue For Young Teens To Get Abortions Without Parent Consent

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Planned Parenthood will go to the extreme lows to do abortions on anyone, including young teen girls. This abortion industry thinks that these minors don’t need parental consent to have an abortion, a procedure that will kill the baby, possibly put the teens life at risk, and at the least, scar them emotionally for life. Yet, Planned Parenthood doesn’t think any of these things are important enough for a parent to know.

Planned Parenthood lawyers argued in an Indiana court Tuesday that abortion clinics should be allowed to perform abortions on young teen girls without their parents’ knowledge.

 In May, the abortion chain and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit challenging a new Indiana parental consent law. It is scheduled to go into effect in July.

On Tuesday, lawyers for Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the ACLU asked a federal judge to block the law, WISH TV reports.

They contended that young girls may seek abortions because of troubled or abusive home environments – an argument that does not make sense because the law allows a judge to waive the parental consent requirement in such cases.

The teen can petition a judge for a judicial bypass, which means the court can say the teen is mature enough to make this decision or that it’s in the teens best interest.

On Tuesday, the abortion activists’ lawyers argued that abortion clinics should not be required to check the parent’s or guardian’s ID and proof of guardianship before performing the abortion, according to the report.

Of course the baby killer’s don’t want to have anything come between them and money from dead babies.

Planned Parenthood leaders claim this new requirement is burdensome, but its purpose is to protect young girls from abuse. Sexual abusers have been known to take their young victims to abortion clinics to cover up rape and pregnancy. The new requirement would help ensure abusers are not posing as their young victim’s parent or guardian.

The pro-abortion groups also are challenging a measure in the law that prohibits abortion clinics from telling young girls where to go in other states to get abortions without a parent’s knowledge.

In a statement in May, the ACLU of Indiana claimed the provisions violate young girls’ constitutional rights by imposing “new burdens” on their access to abortion.

President of Planned Parenthood of Indiana Betty Cockrum states, “if this law goes into effect it will have chilling effects on teenagers already dealing with a difficult situation.” The baby killing facility should not be the ones deciding what these teen girls should be doing. The parents need to be involved with making that drastic decision.

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