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Oklahoma’s Stand Your Ground Law Now Includes Churches

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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed House Bill 2632, added churches to the list of locations where Oklahoma citizens have a right to expect absolute safety. The law allows someone to use deadly force against anyone who enters those locations “unlawfully or forcefully.”


  • A person’s home
  • An occupied car
  • place of business
  • Or anyone who forcibly tries to remove another person not in their custody from those places

Republican Rep. Greg Babinec introduced this bill back in January. He said the Bill was designed to protect churchgoers and was “necessary based on what we’ve seen in the past.” Like the Sutherland Springs killer who walked into a church and killed more than two dozen people. Since that shooting churches in Oklahoma started taking training for active shooters. The training is offered by Oklahoma Homeland Security.

There are other bills on the table, but Fallin has not said whether she will sign “constitutional carry” legislation that would authorize people age 21 and older, and military personnel who are at least 18, to carry a handgun openly or concealed without a state-issued license or permit. The legislation is similar to laws in effect in a dozen other states.

Any sane person knows only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. States need to give people the right to defend themselves. Even places that are off-limits for firearm carry like courthouses or schools should still afford people the right to defend themselves without any obligation of having to try and retreat from an attacker.