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Nothing About Mother’s Day Should Be Spoken by Planned Parenthood!

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A tweet by @cecileRichards angered many pro-lifers on Mother’s Day. Her abortion factories are responsible for denying life and denying motherhood. Yes, her clients enter as mothers and leave in a different condition. One that they may have to deal with emotionally for the rest of their lives. Reaction was swift and poignant on Twitter.

Nothing about Mother’s Day should be spoken by Planned Parenthood. Especially, from the woman who is CEO of an organization that puts quotas on a procedure that prevents motherhood. #ironic

Nothing say “I love you, Mom!” Like the deafening silence of a dead bay who will never say “I love you, Mom!”

Planned Parenthood: Preventing people from celebrating Mother’s Day one abortion at a time.

Not Happy Mother’s Day, Signed your fave abortion provider. Which makes us wonder: Did Planned Parenthood steal United Airline’s marketing firm?







A special “Not Mother’s” Day video:

Current abortion count throughout the world as of the publishing of this article.

Indeed, NOT a Happy Mother’s Day because of PP and their supporters around the world.