New California Lockdowns

New California Lockdowns Impose Travel Restrictions On Its Residents And Visitors

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On January 6th, California issued a new COVID advisory which places further restrictions on the free movement of citizens. It reads:

1. Except in connection with essential travel, Californians should avoid non-essential travel to any part of California more than 120 miles from one’s place of residence, or to other states or countries. Avoiding travel reduces the risk of virus transmission, including by reducing the risk that new sources of infection and, potentially, new virus strains will be introduced to California.

It continues…

2. Non-essential travelers from other states or countries are strongly discouraged from entering California and should adhere to the quarantine procedures set forth in Paragraph 3.

It further asks…

3. All persons arriving in or returning to California from other states or countries should self-quarantine for 10 days [ii] after arrival, except as necessary to meet urgent critical healthcare staffing needs or to otherwise engage in emergency response. Additionally, this recommendation does not apply to individuals who routinely cross state or country borders for essential travel.

How residents will react to these new lockdowns, given that our leaders keep violating their own lockdown orders, has yet to be determined. And Given that California has had some of the harshest lockdown restrictions in the United States yet still leads the nation in COVID cases, and given that the effort to recall Newsome has crossed the million signature mark, it remains to be seen if this is a prudent interpretation of state power.

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