Alabamas new bill stands for pro-life

No Right to Abortion Bill In Pro-Life State Of Alabama

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Alabama is ranked 20th most pro-life state and the Senators in the state are taking significant measures to keep Alabama a pro-life state. Their focus will be on passing legislation that protects the unborn and promotes a culture of life in Alabama.

Alabama’s pro-life state Senators advanced a bill this week that would add the right to life for unborn babies into the Alabama Constitution. The proposal would write into the Alabama Constitution that it is state policy to recognize and support the sanctity of unborn life, according to AP.

The state Senate approved the bill in a 25-7 vote. The measure passed the state House in March. Now the amendment will have to be approved by voters on the 2018 ballot after it clears the House again following changes.

State Rep. Matt Fridy, who sponsored the bill, said the amendment would not make abortions illegal in Alabama immediately; it would protect unborn babies’ right to life in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned and the power to legislate abortion is returned to the states.

The amendment says:

“The state acknowledges, declares and affirms that it is the public policy of this state to recognize and support the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children, including the right to life.

“The state further acknowledges, declares and affirms that is the public policy of this state to ensure the protection of the rights of the unborn child, including the right to life.”

Obviously some democrats who oppose the proposal are not delighted with this. Like Sen. Linda Colemen-Madison who said, “This is my choice. It is my body.” 

The Senator fails to acknowledge, however, it’s not her body being sucked through a vacuum and into a trash bag.

We will see if the people of Alabama are truly pro-life when the bill goes to the public for a vote in 2018.

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