NASA Caught Fabricating Northern Latitudes Data

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The Facts

  • There are two ways to show the warming trend needed to support the man-made climate change narrative
    • Make  past temperatures cooler than they really were (to show a strong upward trend)
    • Make current temperatures warmer than they really are (to show a strong upward trend)
  • Charts (shown below) from reports published by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in 1981, 1999, and (most recently) 2015 supposedly show temperatures in northern latitudes of the USA
  • These temperatures purport to prove a steep warming trend over the past few decades compared to the past ~100 years
  • Unfortunately for NASA, the charts also show GISS was faking their own data



Published 1981



Published 1999



Published 2015


  • Two sections on these charts, around 1910 and 1938, have had their temperatures changed with each publishing, falsely showing those time periods colder each time

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  • The primary scientist responsible for the first two charts is Dr. James Hansen, who:
    • Spent 46 years working at NASA on the public payroll
    • Was the Director of GISS from 1981 until his retirement in 2013
    • Made about $180,000 a year
    • Is vocal about hist statist views and desire to force the US Government to embrace the man-made global warming agenda
    • Was arrested in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013 in pro-man-made global warming protests
  • Even after Hansen’s departure, NASA continues to publish fake data to to support man-made climate change



  1. The red circles were added by us to show the parts of the chart with the fake data
  2. The years 1981 and 2015 had vertical and horizontal dotted grid lines added by us to help show the axis of the date and temperature variations
  3. Smoothing is used to show the trend, so we are focusing on that smoothing line, which global warming advocates also use


Simple Summary

  • NASA gets tax dollars to study climate, “proves” global warming, then gets even more tax dollars to keep studying the problem they fabricated
  • James Hansen, a 47 year NASA employee paid $180,000 a year with our tax dollars, used his position at NASA to falsify data to “prove” man-made climate change
  • Under the current guidance of Dr. Gavin Schmidt, NASA continues to fake their data
  • NASA and global warming fraudsters use the excuse that they changed the data because it had to be “corrected” and that it’s “reliable” now
  • These reports and their data are fully discredited and thus, anything citing them as a source, is also discredited

Source Documents:

1981 Version

1999 Version

2010 Version


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