Liberty University Not A Gun Free Zone

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Schools around America are trying to keep guns off campus by being gun-free zones. One college, Liberty University, a Christian school in Lynchburg, Virginia has permitted students to have their concealed carry weapons in the residence halls since 2016. Their policy before was to have the students leave their firearms in their vehicles.

New Change Included
  • Students and faculty must still have a valid concealed weapons permit from the state and be approved by the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD).
  • Students will be required to place their guns in a safe in the residence halls
  • Students who are issued concealed carry permits will be in charge of overseeing their own weapons
  • They can either be concealed on their person or locked in a safe that only they can open or LUPD can open. There is no open carry or open display of weapons anywhere on campus, including in the residence halls. Violation of the policy results in conduct code violations and revocation of the concealed carry permit
  • No one has to have a roommate with a gun in the room if (he or she) is uncomfortable with it
  • Everyone in a room has to agree for concealed carry to be permitted by a dorm resident and a safe installed in (his or her) room.

David Corry, general counsel of Liberty has said,

“So people won’t feel threatened by anyone brandishing firearms anywhere on campus, including the dorms. Students should actually feel more safe because students who are armed and can defend themselves can more effectively neutralize a threat and defend their fellow students in the residence halls, just as they can elsewhere on campus.”

Liberty University joined about 30 other college institutions that allow guns on the property.

The University recently opened a $3.2 million gun range. Right now it is only opened to the students, but it will open to the public and law enforcement officers following commencement in May. The range is modeled after the NRA Whittington Center in New Mexico. The gun ranges are built to be able to accommodate students as well as fairly large groups – as many as 1,200 shotgun shooters for a single competition. According to the school, the range “includes a five-stand, a super sporting clay setup, and a bunker equipped with 15 clay trap machines.” Liberty is one of two universities in the country with a gun range on campus.

Quite amazing a College that actually wants to teach students proper firearm usage.