Abortion Cancel Culture

Leftist Random-Sex Site OkCupid Partners With Planned Parenthood

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The Facts

  • OkCupid is a dating site (okcupid.com)
  • They have partnered with Planned Parenthood
  • The partnership is to promote the “shared cause” of abortion
  • Pro-abortion people on OKCupid will be able to find each other with the badge #IStandWithPP
  • OKCupid is also matching every dollar donated to Planned Parenthood, up to $50,000

Why You Should Care

  • OKCupid is a “dating” site that promotes random sex by offering members to find “hookups”, and now supports killing any unwanted babies afterwards
  • OKCupid says they partnered with Planned Parenthood to kill babies because “a shared cause is sexy”
  • By supporting OKCupid you are supporting Planned Parenthood
  • OKCupid is proud of being a leftist organization, and openly mocks conservative women as not believing in equal rights, not “caring”, and being “robotic, submissive and repressed”
  • OKCupid is proud of prohibiting thought they disagree with, and brag about banning the account of Christopher Cantwell not for violating any of the OKCupid rules, but for his “alt-right” beliefs