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WARNING: Graphic Video – LAPD Releases Video Of MS-13 Murder

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The surveillance footage showing an MS-13 murder by gang member Herbert Nixon Flores was just released by LAPD. Flores shot his girlfriend Karen Ruiz at point-blank range on her front porch. California authorities are currently searching for Flores, 46, a known MS-13 gang member, for the murder of Ruiz.

In the footage of the incident shows that Ruiz is aware of the mortal danger she was in and was attempting to flee to her home when Flores shot her multiple times while she was on the front porch. Another woman then opens the door and cries in Spanish, “He killed her! He killed her!”. 

One wonders if she would have been able to defend herself were it not for California’s draconian gun laws, and the 117th Congress, which was sworn in just on January 3rd, has already submitted at least 4 bills to impose even more restrictions at the federal level.

Flores is considered armed & dangerous.

Any info call LAPD Valley Bureau Homicide 818-374-9550