iowa supreme court blocks abortion ban

Planned Parenthood Admits “Life of Mother” Argument Is Totally Fake To Iowa Supreme Court

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Leave it to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood to fight for abortions of convenience on-demand. The Iowa Supreme Court sided with the two groups, to temporary block the abortion ban.

The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday granted an emergency temporary injunction halting a portion of a 20-week abortion ban that was signed into law by Republican Governor Terry Branstad just hours earlier. The law, passed by Iowa’s Republican-controlled House and Senate last month, bans abortions once a pregnancy reaches 20 weeks and stipulates a three-day waiting period before women can undergo any abortion.

The law does not make exceptions for instances of rape or incest but does allow for abortions if the mother’s life or health is at risk.

“We are pleased that the court granted the temporary injunction, ruling on the side of Iowa women who need access to, and have a constitutional right, to safe, legal abortion,” Suzanna de Baca, chief executive of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland said in a statement.

Right, having to wait three days for a woman’s conscience to take over would be absurd. They might actually change their mind and not want to have their child murdered. And I thought it was all about “But what if the mother’s life is in danger?” They finally admit that’s all a lie.

There are 24 states that impose prohibitions on abortions after a certain number of weeks, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks reproductive policy.

The state will have an opportunity to respond to the court’s decision on Monday.

“This is all part of the process and we’re confident that the stay will be lifted very shortly,” said Ben Hammes, a spokesman for the Republican governor.

Terry Branstad and the pro-life movement are making great changes to the community’s hearts and mind, in hopes to have people value human life. With luck, on Monday the Iowa Supreme Court will lift this injunction.


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