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Indiana is Fighting Against Planned Parenthood For Ultrasounds

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Why doesn’t Planned Parenthood want pregnant women to see their ultrasounds? Well, the ultrasounds show that it’s not a mass of cells, it’s actually the humanity of a baby they are carrying. Furthermore when a woman see her unborn child, some will change their minds about aborting. Then planned parenthood will lose all that money for not killing those innocent children.

Thankfully, Indiana’s Attorney General Curtis Hill is taking a stand for life and is appealing the latest abortion ruling by a far-left judge.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has appealed the Mar. 31 ultrasound ruling by federal judge Tanya Pratt that favored Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky sued the state over the ultrasound provision in the 2016 Dignity for the Unborn law.

Indiana has long required that an ultrasound be done before an abortion, but in 2016 the law was updated to require that the ultrasound be done at least 18-hours before the abortion. Women are already required to received informed consent information at least 18-hours prior to an abortion, so this change aligned the two requirements into the same time frame.

Last month, the co-authors and sponsors of the Dignity for the Unborn law urged Hill to appeal Pratt’s ultrasound ruling in a letter, available here.

“The pro-life community is pleased Attorney General Hill is defending our state’s common sense ultrasound law,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “It’s disappointing that Planned Parenthood turns to activist judges anytime they find an abortion law they don’t like.”

Pratt has a history of siding with the abortion industry. Before the 2016 ban on abortion for the sole reason of the child’s sex, race, national origin or a potential disability could go into effect, Pratt sided with Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union and blocked the law.

Judge Pratt’s siding with Planned Parenthood will continue, and unborn babies will always be targets for the senseless murder under her ruling. She is dehumanizing life, and needs to realize that all children are worthy of life and dignity.

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