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If you told me four years ago that…

If you told me all of these things and dozens more, I would tell you you have lost your mind.

  • The federal government would be distributing $30mm worth of crack pipes
  • That burning and looting were to be considered peaceful protests
  • That feeding an Ontario trucker a hot dog was a criminal act
  • That I would be forced to wear a mask for 2.5 years for a seasonal flu
  • That I would need a health record display to go to a restaurant or buy groceries
  • That I could not spend the last moments of a loved ones life with them in a hospital
  • That I would be forced to take an experimental drug with material risk of severe adverse reaction to go to work
  • That we would be allowing 200,000 illegal aliens across the southern border every month
  • That I would be denied a transplant if I wasn’t vaccinated
  • That children would spend months at home learning by zoom
  • That supermarket shelves would be empty
  • That inflation would be 7%
  • That the death rate among young adults would go up by 40%
  • That we would no longer be energy independent
  • That we would remove sanctions from Iran
  • That the capitol police would hold dozens of Americans for over a year without charging them
  • That publicly posting dissenting information would get you categorized as a domestic terrorist
  • That men would be allowed to compete as a woman, against women, in NCAA and Olympic sports
  • Google will tell you ivermectin does not work, but also that men can get pregnant
  • That 200 million people lined up to take an unapproved drug and waived their right to sue the manufacturer if something went wrong
  • That an illegal alien can use an arrest warrant as federal identification for boarding an airplan
  • That the most popular president in history would have a 38% approval rating
  • That they would be changing the color of m&m’s to make them more inclusive
  • That states would be allowing minor children to get vaccines at school with no parental approval
  • That states would be allowing 12 year old girls to get abortions without parental approval
  • That you had to agree to a facial recognition program to speak with the IRS
  • That there would be a statue of satan prominently displayed in the rotunda of the Illinois capitol building
  • That Disney would be considering getting rid of the seven dwarves in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

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