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If Elected, Michelle Grisham Wants To Take Your Guns And “High Magazine Cartridges”

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New Mexico’s gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham is another leftist who is trying to take away your guns. Seems like they are coming out of the wood work lately. She is making it clear that gun control will be an important part of her agenda if the people of New Mexico elect her.

She wants to

  • Ban military-style assault weapons and bump stocks (scary looking guns)
  • A limit on high-capacity ammunition magazines (who needs more than 1 bullet, right?)
  • Have a waiting period on purchasing a gun (the 2nd Amendment can wait)
  • Expanding background checks (because criminals use them so often)
  • Wants to create penalties for gun owners who do not report lost or stolen firearms (because you should be punished for not knowing something)

Just what is a “high magazine cartridge”?  Nobody knows, but she sure wants to ban them.  Leave it to a crazy liberal to speak about topics they know nothing about.

She also wants to overturn the Dickey Amendment. She said she wants to provide the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the funding they need to study gun violence the same way they study other threats to public health. Except the CDC was never banned from researching gun violence.

Absolutely nothing in the amendment prohibits the CDC from studying “gun violence,” In response to this inconvenient fact, gun controllers will explain that while there isn’t an outright ban, the Dickey amendment has a “chilling” effect on the study of gun violence. Unlikely is the notion that a $2.6 million cut in funding so horrified the agency that it was rendered powerless to pay for or conduct studies on gun violence. The CDC funding tripled from 1996 to 2010. The CDC’s budget is over six billion dollars today.

In November she will run against Rep. Steve Pearce, who is a Second Amendment guy, is rated A by the NRA, and has a pro-gun rights voting record.