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Guns Now Allowed At Cordell Hull Building In Tennessee

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  • People of Tennessee will now be allowed to carry guns inside lawmakers’ newly remodeled Cordell Hull office building
  • House speaker Beth Harwell and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally stated that a resident of Tennesse with a valid gun permit can bring their gun in the building
  • People will be required to present their permit at security, and a thorough screening process will be done to ensure those with guns have a valid permit
  • The Tennessee Highway Patrol, who provides security at the building, said they must go through a metal detector, those with valid permits can keep their gun as long as it’s concealed and holstered the entire time
  • The new policy will not affect another rule that prohibits carrying guns inside the capitol
  • Here’s the joint statement from Beth Harwell and Randy McNally:

Carry permit holders will be allowed to carry their firearms into the Cordell Hull Building, the new home of the Tennessee General Assembly. Tennessee carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding demographics in our state. To receive a permit, a citizen must be fingerprinted, submit to a background check and receive firearm training. Permit holders wishing to carry their firearms into Cordell Hull will be required to present their permit at security. A thorough screening process will determine the validity of the permit. Once that validity is established, a permit holder will be allowed exercise their Second Amendment while visiting their state government

Why It Matters

Former Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said in Feb 2016, “It’s a proven statistic, indisputable, that if gun carry permit holders are allowed in a facility, it is safer, not less safe”

It is allowing a permit holder to exercise their Second Amendment Rights while visiting their State Government.

Lawmakers are showing real actions, not just talk, by showing trust in the people that voted for them. In years to come, hopefully with no issues, other States will adapt the same policies.

This is a big win for freedom, and these lawmakers need to be publicly supported for their decision.  Don’t let the leftist agenda be the only thing that is heard; speak up, be open, and be a proud supporter of liberty and elected officials who support those same God-given liberties.

Please take a few minutes to contact Beth Harwell and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and let them know you support their actions.