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Four-Year-Old Suspended from Preschool for Bringing .22 Brass Casing to Class

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A mother was stunned to find out that her four-year-old boy was suspended from preschool for seven days because he sneaked an empty shell casing into the classroom to show his friends.

On Tuesday, Kristy Jackson went to A Place to Grow in Troy, Illinois to pick up her son but was instead greeted by a teacher who informed her that Hunter brought a “shotgun bullet” to school. Jackson was horrified at the thought but was instead handed a small, spent shell casing and knew exactly what Hunter had done. But this innocent mistake didn’t deter the school from handing down a severe punishment.

Frustrated by the lack of reasoning skills exhibited by school officials, Mrs. Jackson took to Facebook to defuse the hysteria.

A local news report stated that Hunter has received numerous warnings at school about using everyday objects as pretend guns while at the preschool because that violates policy. The school felt this was the final straw and decided it was time to call the Department of Children and Family Services on Jackson and her husband.

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