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Democrats In Virginia Want To Pass A Firearms Surrender Bill

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In Virginia, Democrats are working to pass what is described as an emergency bill that will bring Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs)  to that state.

What Is A ERPO?

  • When someone files for a protection order against someone else, which would lead to an order for law enforcement to confiscate their guns or an order for them to surrender them.
  • The request can be made by law enforcement, a prosecutor, or a private party. A judge then reviews the request.
  • A judge could order a temporary suspension of firearms’ rights. Which they could have to surrender their guns temporarily, before a hearing can be convened.
  • After the hearing, the judge is convinced the defendant is a danger to themselves or others, an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) is issued, and the person in question has to surrender their guns. It may be for a set period of time or for life; it all depends on the circumstances.

Yes this is gun confiscation, and is scary concerning our Second Amendment rights.

Who are these people filing for an ERPO? Mental health experts? No, they’re family members and cops. So loved ones who care about family members mental health.  Also can be ex-boyfriends/girlfriends who are acting in revenge. The answer to such concerns are in these laws that courts must show “substantial evidence” that a person is a risk to themselves or to others. In addition, the removal of the firearm is only temporary, unless the ERPO is renewed in a later hearing. Because if they can’t show substantial evidence the gun owners can always get their firearms back after a lengthy and costly appeal in court. Just more of the gun grabbing left who want to infringe on our Second Amendment.