Big Government

Declassify. Now.

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Barring an absolute miracle, there are twelve days left in the Trump administration. If there is a single thing he can do before he leaves office, I would ask him to declassify as much information as he possibly can so that we have some tools to carry on in the fight against the left.

I would like to see things like the sexual harassment settlement list from congress, any and all information from the Durham investigation, information relating to Hunter Biden’s business dealings, information relating to the WMD hoax, suppressed information on “Fast and Furious”, Benghazi, and anything else we can use to spotlight the gross negligence, betrayal, and grift of the United States Government. 

The bureaucracy did it to Trump. They violated literally aspect of due process, rule of law, and decorum each and every day of his administration. They maligned, humiliated, and rebelled against him constantly, so he owes them nothing.

On the other hand, he owes us. He owes the woman who was egged in San Jose for the crime of carrying an American flag. He owes Michael Flynn, who literally lost everything for the crime of wanting to clean up the intelligence community. He owes it to Sean Davis who has spent years attacking the hypocrisy and purely criminal activity in the government. He owes it to the people who were “de-platformed” for being conservative. He owes it to everyone who was screamed at, punched, pepper-sprayed, or terrorized because they believed in him. Mostly, he owes it to us because we are carrying on the fight to prevent socialism no matter what. We are going to need as much dry powder as we can in the coming years and he is sitting on the motherlode. 

We stood by him through four awful years and are willing to carry on. He can help us. I wish he would.

I don’t think I am asking for anything that the American people aren’t entitled to anyway. A republic ought not to have secrets kept from its population, and the only reason for it is that things have been done which should not have. Things it needs to be called out for, and in some cases, punished for. This is the final wrong he can right in the next few weeks. 

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