Cuomo And Clinton Push For Extreme Abortion On Demand

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton are declaring that abortion on demand is their top priority for the new legislative year. They’re calling for codifying abortion rights in the New York state law and terrified of President Trump’s conservative pro-life Supreme Court picks, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. They are afraid they will over turn  Roe v. Wade. Which they should!

Cuomo stated,

“ Kavanaugh is going to reverse Roe v. Wade, I have no doubt. Gorsuch is going to reverse Roe v. Wade. I have no doubt. So what do we do? Protect ourselves. Pass a state law that is a prophylactic from the federal action.”

He also vowed not to support the 2019-2020 state budget legislation until the state legislature approves the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act.

The left are saying the Reproductive Health Act will just merely update New York’s laws to reflect the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision. Which is not true.

What it will do
  • Specifically allow non-doctors to perform abortions
  • Repeal protections that are currently in our law for babies that are accidentally born alive during an abortion
  • Allow abortions for virtually any reason in the third trimester of pregnancy
  • Remove abortion from the state’s penal code (which means there would no longer be a criminal avenue to pursue if a baby dies in the womb through an act of domestic violence or another crime)
  • The bill does NOT provide conscience protections for religious hospitals or insurance companies, and medical workers could be forced to refer women for abortions.

The legislature is expected to approve the bill on Jan. 22, which is the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Cuomo is also pushing for adding the right to abortion into New York’s constitution via an amendment.

This amendment does nothing but show how radical and hateful the democrats really are. It will not benefit anyone, and hurts our most vulnerable. Once you think that they can’t sink any lower, bang!! They do. The killing of babies for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy is heartless.