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CNN Extorts Creator of Trump GIF (The Wrong One At That) . We Reserve The Right To Reveal Their Fail

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Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted out a video meme, also known as a GIF.  Typically, these are quick clips that are used to make a point, portray an emotion, or show a humorous addition to a comment being made on social media. In a Twitter post, which typically only allows a limit of 140 characters, President Trump tweeted a GIF showing a 20 second clip of Trump in a WWE wrestling match, where he was body slamming a CNN logo to the ground. It was a silly tweet, with no comment attached to it. This caused outrage from all sides of the political aisles.

We can argue for days over the levels and depths that this may have scaled, regarding the stature and dignity of the office of the Presidency. We can discuss whether or not it was beneath a President to attack a news network on social media with a wrestling GIF. We could talk about whether or not it was Presidential to appear on a YouTube Video with host who has green lips and sits in a bathtub filled with fruit loops. We could opine as to whether or not it’s Presidential to play a saxophone on a late night talk show. I think that ship has sailed and burnt at sea, whether we like it or not. But, let’s also not pretend as though the diminishing stature of the office of the presidency is a new phenomenon. It’s not as though a President didn’t have one of the biggest frat house styled keg parties, which almost destroyed the White House in 1829. Keep in mind that this isn’t an endorsement of what the President posted. This is merely an observation that the more we think things have changed, the more they really haven’t.

The outrage over the GIF was across the board. The “Never Trumpers”, who are aligned with the Bill Kristol/Mitt Romney wing of the GOP, were livid over the fact that he was tweeting and not keeping his eye on the ball. They were furious over the typical arguments of his lack of constitutional adherence and care. Fair enough. I can agree with all of those points. But this silly tweet didn’t take me to that place. I’ve been standing on those arguments since the primaries. The difference is that I’m not committed to despising a politician simply because if feel that I must regardless of performance. Now, the Left made this out to be some sort of “call to violence”. That’s a bit of a stretch. I don’t believe that a wrestling GIF was a call for a gunman to attack a baseball field filled with reporters and journalists.

The most amazing part of this entire story was the response by the news agency involved. CNN took it extremely personal. They spent resources, time, money, and energy to locate the creator of the GIF. They took to Reddit, the semi obscure, semi-underground social media site to locate the source of the video. According to an even more obscure message board site, 4Chan, the personal identity of the Reddit user’s profile who created the video was obtained nefariously. The claim is that the Reddit user, named “HanA**HoleSolo” actual identity was obtained by CNN due to their relationship with CNN’s owner, Time Warner. Apparently, CNN was able to obtain his Computer IP address.

This allowed them to contact the creator and threaten to reveal his identity to the public if he didn’t issue an apology, which he did.

This would make him public to the same individuals that would attack protesters, burn limos, and target politicians practicing for charity baseball events. They even went so far as to state in their article, which is listed here, that they “reserved the right to publish his identity should any of that change”

In fact, Chris Cuomo even fielded the idea of revealing his identity on the basis that the other content the user posted was apparently racist and sexist, which he immediately deleted.

We should all remember that this “journalist’ is the same person who worked for that stellar bastion of truth known as Buzzfeed. Andrew Kaczynski, the Extorter in Chief, was the same individual that destroyed the career and the life of Justine Sacco. She made an awful joke about South Africa, that played on the naivety of the public’s understanding of the country. She joked that “white people don’t get aids”, tuned her phone off on the plane, was fired and had her life destroyed afterwards.



Probably not the best joke, but to pretend that Mr. Kaczynski is objective and even gentile isn’t even a needle one could thread. Especially after he spent 24 hours focusing of shining attention to Mrs. Sacco’s awfully delivered joke.

The best part of this current GIFGate story is the twist. The twist to this story is that Mr. Kaczynski may have targeted the wrong individual! And that is what happens when someone acts out of anger and hatred, with a vindictive passion. They make stupid and rash decisions. With the powerful bullhorn of a media machine behind him, it’s dangerous to act with such childish abandon. This ain’t Buzzfeed, chief.

After the Project Veritas Videos that showed CNN producers ridiculing the American voters like smug school girls, while sipping on pints of porters, it’s difficult to fathom how this impacts their viewership. With the threat of more on the way, one can only assume that either damage control in the form of complete overhaul is coming or we will see a vacancy on a certain spot of the cable dial. And according to U.S. Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights, CNN may have gone a bit too far. “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment, of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same…shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years.”

Not good for the “Trusted Name In News”.