Cancel Culture Schools

Virginia Teacher Fired For Refusing To Use Incorrect Pronoun

There is no live and let live with the left; you either comply with what they want or they will destroy you.  This was made loud and clear when Peter Vlaming, a Virginia high school teacher, was fired for refusing to use a transgender student’s new pronouns. Vlaming, who had taught at the school for almost […]


Michigan College, Bringing A Hockey Puck To A Gun Fight

A gun verses a hockey puck, which will win? Oakland University in Michigan assumes the hockey puck will defeat the gun. They are handing out pucks to the staff and the students. The idea came from Auburn Hills police chief Mark Gordon, who suggested throwing whatever was available — even a hockey puck, at active […]

2nd Amendment Schools

Arming Teachers In Lee County, Virginia

The Lee County, Virginia, school board has unanimously approved a proposal that would pay for the arming and training of school teachers in the county. The vote makes Lee the first of the Old Dominion’s 95 counties to pursue this path toward protecting its students from armed violence. The decision to arm staff members has […]


Repeal The Gun Free Zone Act

What is one reason these murderous individuals choose a school to shoot up? Schools are gun-free zones, is why. Gun-free school zones are ineffective. They make people less safe by inviting criminals to come in and kill as many people as they can without anyone shooting back. How come you never see a sign in […]

Abortion Schools

Over 200 Schools Walkout To Protest Abortion, MSM Completely Silent

On April 11th, over 200 schools participated in a school walk out to protest abortion and Planned Parenthood. Why didn’t the MSM cover it like they did the walk outs for gun control? Isn’t that what the walkouts where for? Saving lives? We know the double standard the MSM has. Brandon Gillespie a 17 year […]


Liberty University Not A Gun Free Zone

Schools around America are trying to keep guns off campus by being gun-free zones. One college, Liberty University, a Christian school in Lynchburg, Virginia has permitted students to have their concealed carry weapons in the residence halls since 2016. Their policy before was to have the students leave their firearms in their vehicles. New Change […]


Texas Schools Have Already Been Arming Their Staff Since 2007

The gun debate continues, even more now after that crazy insane man went into the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17. Most people wanting to allow school teachers to be armed, but some are against it.  The idea is not new, though, and some Texas schools have been doing it for awhile. […]


Vibrators on Your Back to School Shopping List? 

The popular teen magazine Teen Vogue, whose targeted audience is teen girls ages 13 through 17, published a back to school article with great tips on staying healthy. Which is great, until it bottomed out and suggested that girls shop for vibrators, condoms, and lubricants. What? Excuse me, but when did sex supplies become apart of […]