Big Tech Censorship
Big Tech Cancel Culture

Big Tech Censorship Of Parler Just An Escalation Of The Left’s Fascism

Big Tech censorship was ramped up by Amazon, Google, and Apple as they suspended Parler from their servers last weekend under the guise that Parler had violated their terms of service due to “inadequate” content moderation practices. Parler CEO Mark Matze called Big Tech’s efforts to shut down the free speech app an “assault on […]

2020 Election Updates 1st Amendment Big Tech Freedom & Liberty

BREAKING: “Find The Steal?” Tech Companies Disable the Location And Directions for Stop The Steal Rally in D.C.

Big tech censorship is at it again against conservatives. Just when you think that hiding your posts in a social media dungeon, making them invisible regardless of following counts was the only method of squashing conservative views, they’ve found other methods. They suspend Conservative accounts constantly. Those they didn’t agree with were removed for violations […]

2020 Election Updates Big Tech Corruption

How the Left Uses Declassified CIA Brainwashing Techniques

In 1984, when I read the book “1984”, I was most concerned with overt oppression.  But now I realize that, as the predictions from Georg Orwell come to life before our eyes, the real oppression comes not from an iron hand, but from misinformation, lack of information, and censorship by the mainstream media, big tech, […]