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How We Move Forward – Regaining Control From Radical Left Democrats And Establishment GOP RINOs

How we move forward is something everyone is asking. With the election, the inauguration installation, 17 damaging Executive Orders, and even removing the 1776 Report within minutes of being sworn into office, Biden and his leftist cabal are on a fast-track to fulfill their promises of destroying our Republic. I keep hearing the question, “How […]

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The Most Likely 2020 Election Fraud Argument For The Supreme Court

For decades Americans have been numbed to the unconstitutional “laws” handed down by executive fiat and rogue judges. But with the blatant fraud of the 2020 election, things are about to change. The teams fighting for the Trump Administration, and the rights of all Americans, are cleverly employing multiple strategies to overturn all fraudulent election […]

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District Court Supremacy, Trump’s Reverse “Due Process” Process, and the Dick’s CEO is being a Dick

The 9th District Circuit Court is basically deciding legislation as well as enacting executive governance, all from the bench. Those against Illegal Immigration gain a small victory over apprehension of illegal aliens President Trump tries to reverse the “Due Process” Process, while he goes to war over his own Attorney General, Jeff “Mr. Magoo” Sessions. […]

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Fascistbook: Fascism in Google & Fascism in Charlottesville

  Google, Facebook, & YouTube are silencing Conservative Viewpoints. Uncovered collusion with leftist political groups, such as Media Matters, are looking to destroy opposing opinions. Due to the Mainstream Media’s fabrication of facts and focus on a false narrative to shape opinion, we are left to Social Media to share the truth…until the Progressives silence […]

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CNN Extorts Creator of Trump GIF (The Wrong One At That) . We Reserve The Right To Reveal Their Fail

Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted out a video meme, also known as a GIF.  Typically, these are quick clips that are used to make a point, portray an emotion, or show a humorous addition to a comment being made on social media. In a Twitter post, which typically only allows a limit of 140 […]