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New California Law, Can’t Purchase A Long Gun If Under 21

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The anti-2A gun grabbing legislators in California are at it again, this time working on new a law that will prohibit anyone younger then 21 from purchasing a long gun. Senate Bill 1100 was introduced by Sen. Anthony Portantino. After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, he became concerned, claiming “The two most deadly recent school tragedies have been perpetrated by people under 21 with long guns,” Which seemed like the perfect time for him and other liberal Congressmen to push their gun grabbing laws down peoples throats.

“As a dad and a legislator, I am determined to help California act appropriately to the tragic events our country has faced recently due to gun violence,” Portantino said. “Out of respect for young people across our country who are demanding action we must answer their plea for help.”

His answer to the plea for help is to disarm law abiding citizens.

The bill was approved by a 26-12 vote of the Senate. Republican lawmakers who voted against the measure noted people younger than 21 can legally vote, buy homes and join the military to fight for their country.

Daniel Reid, the California state director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action wrote,

“Passing a law that makes it illegal for a 20-year-old to purchase a shotgun for hunting or an adult single mother from purchasing the most effective self-defense rifle on the market punishes the law-abiding citizens for the evil acts of criminals,”

The bill exempts those younger than 21 who are in the military, serve as police officers or have existing hunting licenses from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Some of California’s gun laws include

  • 10 day waiting period before a firearm can be released to a buyer
  • “Assault weapons” are banned,  as of this year certain AR-15 rifles with “bullet buttons” are no longer exempt and must be modified.
  • 21 years old to purchase a handgun
  • Purchasing more than one handgun within any 30-day period is prohibited except in specific circumstances.
  • Handgun buyers must pass a Firearm Safety Certificate test before the purchase.
  • New California residents must report their ownership of firearms to the DOJ or sell/transfer them within 60 days.
  • Bans the sale or manufacture of ammunition magazines that can hold more than 10 cartridges or rounds.
  • All firearms purchases and transfers, including private party transactions and sales at gun shows, must be made through a licensed dealer under the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) process.
  • Background checks on ammunition purchases

These bills that prohibit law abiding citizens from buying rifles and shotguns are stopping them from purchasing any firearm, which then is depriving them of their constitutional Second Amendment rights.  If we just ignore that pesky second amendment, and remember that criminals will never attack anyone under 21, things should be fine…