California Bill Forces Colleges To Provide Abortion Pills

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Why does California hate unborn babies?

State Sen. Connie Leyva plans to re-introduce her crazy pro-abortion bill, SB 320.  The legislation would mandate that all public universities and community colleges provide free abortion drugs up to 10 weeks of pregnancy at their student health centers. Currently all California public university campuses have on-campus student health centers, but “none of these health centers currently provide abortion by medication techniques.” And it should stay that way.

Furthermore chemical abortions are not safe.

The medication, involves the taking of two pills several hours apart. The first pill, Mifepristone (also known as RU-486), restricts the release of the hormone progesterone, which is needed to stabilize the uterine wall. Mifepristone cuts this supply off, after which the baby dies in the womb. The second pill, Misoprostol, artificially induces a miscarriage, causing the baby to be dispelled out of the uterus.

Between 2000-2017 when RU-486 has been available to the public, the FDA reports,

  • 22 deaths
  • 97 ectopic pregnancies
  • 1,041 hospitalizations
  • 598 blood transfusions
  • 411 infections (including 69 severe infections)

Not only is this killing the baby, it’s also putting the mother’s life at risk.  Levya of course ignores this and repeats the “I Support Women’s Rights” mantra.

“California has always been a leader, and why shouldn’t we be a leader in women’s rights as well. We need to say to the rest of the country that we value women, we respect women, and they need to choose what to do with respect to their own body.”

The drugs are so dangerous, in fact, that, heavy bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and painful uterine contractions are common features of a process TIME magazine calls “A painful, messy, and protracted.” About 2% hemorrhage and more than 1 in a 100 require hospitalization.

Additionally, using RU486 also involves three trips to the doctor’s office over a two week period. For 4-5% of women, the pills don’t work, making them return for surgical abortions.

Typical of any pro-choice activist, though, repeating that “Women have a right to do whatever they want to their own body” fully ignores the woman is, in fact, not just putting her own body at risk, it’s killing a baby with a beating heart.