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BREAKING: “Find The Steal?” Tech Companies Disable the Location And Directions for Stop The Steal Rally in D.C.

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Big tech censorship is at it again against conservatives. Just when you think that hiding your posts in a social media dungeon, making them invisible regardless of following counts was the only method of squashing conservative views, they’ve found other methods. They suspend Conservative accounts constantly. Those they didn’t agree with were removed for violations of terms of service for “hate speech.” Conservatives who may question some of the activities of the Current Office of the Presidential-Elect’s Son, Hunter Biden were eliminated while the vile leftist who call females “See-You-Next-Tuesday’s” where allowed to remain without condemnation. They began tagging the tweets of the President as being false or disputed. They demonetized video channels with large audiences, simply because they disagreed with their views. It’s a phenomenon that those on the right deal with daily, while those on the left pretend it doesn’t happen.

Now, tech has moved to the most egregious movement to date. The Stop The Steal rally is set for Wednesday, January 6th. If you were looking to attend from out of town and were unfamiliar with the Greater D.C. area, don’t depend on your smartphone’s GPS. Apparently, there were multiple accounts of different tech companies leaving directions to be “Unavailable” on their Map Apps.

Was this really due to road conditions? And are people overreacting?


Looks as though these aren’t isolated events.

Et tu, Siri?

They will stop at nothing to hide or impede the current President’s support. Below is the link to the live stream.