Impeachment of Trump to begin because Democrats disagree with his politics
2020 Election Updates Big Government Corruption

Democrats Submit Articles For Impeachment, Also Consider Waiting To Until After Biden’s First 100 Days

House democrats revealed the expected articles of impeachment against President Trump this morning. They list the charges as “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. They also highlight that section 3 of the 14th amendment prohibits anyone impeached from seeking the office again. In her letter to the Democrat caucus yesterday, Pelosi promised this […]

New California Lockdowns

New California Lockdowns Impose Travel Restrictions On Its Residents And Visitors

On January 6th, California issued a new COVID advisory which places further restrictions on the free movement of citizens. It reads: 1. Except in connection with essential travel, Californians should avoid non-essential travel to any part of California more than 120 miles from one’s place of residence, or to other states or countries. Avoiding travel […]

Big Government COVID-19 Economy

Porktacular – The COVID “Relief Bill” That Enriches Big Business And Other Countries

A deal was made last night on a $900 billion dollar spending bill ostensibly to provide relief from the economic devastation lockdowns have caused. The headline for most Americans is that it will provide direct payments of $600 to every adult who makes less than $99,000 a year and offers some small business assistance in […]

2020 Election Updates Corruption Rogue Judges

Update – Lawsuit Statuses And Trump’s Election Options At This Point

In a previous article, we outlined where Trump’s election challenge currently stood. At the time of this writing, it would appear that there are a number of strategies being parallel pathed in an attempt to salvage his election prospects.  Let me start by saying that it is almost impossible to overturn an election. You have […]


How COVID-19 Vaccinations Are Being Forced Upon Everyone

As if 2020 wasn’t the most “Big Brother” year in history, public health officials are now openly discussing the implementation of a “public health passport” system which will force people to prove their vaccination history.  The WHO strongly backs the practice, saying. “”Having trustworthy and reliable proof of vaccination for COVID-19 vaccine will be essential […]