AOC snubs National Guard
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AOC Snubs National Guard: Offers Her Office Then Locks Them Out And Leaves

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Socialist Congresswoman AOC Snubs National Guard by making them an offer then reneging without a word.

AOC told the National Guard, who had been banished by her party to live on a parking garage in freezing weather, they could come to her office to escape the weather and enjoy some snacks.

However, when members of the Guard showed up at her office, they found that she and her staff had locked it up right and left, forcing them to return to the freezing concrete garage where they shared one power outlet and two toilets with 5,000 other Guard members.

These are the living conditions to which the Biden Administration has relegated our men and women in uniform in the heart of our Nation’s Capitol:

It took only 48 hours for the Biden Administration and the Democrats to snub the brave men and women protecting our country and turn them into “Guard in a Garage” .

Americans must regain control of our country to restore sanity and decency. Our own Adrian Slade has laid out a plan here to overcome the radical left and the establishment RINOs.