ACLU Sues KY To Keep Last Abortion Clinic Open So Women Not “Forced” To Have Babies

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Louisville, KY – The State of Kentucky is engaged in an epic legal showdown with the state’s last remaining abortion facility, EMW Women’s Surgical Center, in an effort to shut it down – possibly as early as Monday, April 3, 2017 – for failing to meet licensing requirements.

Gov. Matthew G. Bevin and his administration issued a letter on March 13, 2017, to the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, informing them that they were in non-compliance with licensing regulations for failure to have adequate transfer agreements with an ambulance company and a hospital.

Bevin successfully shut down EMW’s Lexington abortion office last June for conducting abortions without a license to do so – an order that was later upheld by the State Supreme Court. He also closed an illegally operating Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Louisville that had begun conducting abortions without a license.

ACLU Involvement

EMW Women’s Surgical Center is being represented by the ACLU of Kentucky in a lawsuit filed on March 29, 2017, which is seeking to block the state from closing the abortion business’ doors. The suit claims that the state order to shutter EMW Women’s Surgical Center for failure to comply with licensing requirements violates EMW’s rights and would cause “drastic” consequences.

Using scare tactics, the ACLU argued that women will self-abort, delay their abortions, or be “forced to carry to term against their will” should the state succeed in closing the last abortion facility in the state.

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