retiring abortionist proud of his work

Abortionist of 17 Years is “Incredibly Proud” of His Work, Now Retiring.

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How is it when an abortionist who does such a disgusting job everyday, takes away life, lies to women, (“it is just a clump of cells”), gets gets recognized by a newspaper?.

Apparently, abortion business leaders’ roles in their communities are noteworthy enough to get them recognized in the local paper.

The Times Free Press in Tennessee published a story this week recognizing Jeff Teague who is retiring as president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood affiliate in middle and eastern Tennessee.

Teague, who ran the Tennessee abortion business for 17 years, plans to retire on Friday, according to the report. How many unborn babies were killed under Teague’s leadership is unknown.

Teague said he is “incredibly proud of what we have accomplished” at Planned Parenthood of Middle and Eastern Tennessee. He said they are financially stable and their patient numbers are up.

“In an incredibly hostile environment, the political strength and influence of Planned Parenthood is unquestionable,” Teague said. “[I am] honored and humbled to have worked with the most incredibly passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers.”

In his role at the abortion chain, Teague fought against a late-term abortion ban and urged changes to a bill prohibiting the sales of aborted babies’ body parts. Last year, he blasted a bill that would give women the chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn babies, claiming it was nothing but a political attempt to “frighten women.”

That is how Planned Parenthood operates, always using language to distract the women  from truth. They say that seeing a baby on an ultrasound screen is a “dangerous weapon”. Of course the truth is that ultrasounds show the reality of the unborn baby. Planned Parenthood doesn’t want that, knowing many women who see the ultrasound choose not to have an abortion.

In 2015, 11,411 abortions were performed on unborn babies and moms in Tennessee, according to the state Department of Health. While abortions are down in the state and nation-wide, Planned Parenthood continues to be the leading abortion provider in the United States.

The abortion chain kills more than 300,000 unborn babies every year in America.

They perform about 20 abortions for every prenatal care visit and about 200 abortions to every adoption referral. Absolutely ridiculous. So it is a good thing Jeff Teague is retiring. One less abortionist working to kill innocent babies.

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