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Gun Myth Debunked: 19 Children Killed Each Day By Guns

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19 children are killed each day in the USA by guns.


While even one death, or injury, to an innocent person, especially a child, is tragic, the subject should be dealt with based on facts, which, according to the CDC, are as follows:

  • The 19 a day number (6,970 per year) includes all crimes, suicides, accidents, and even lumps in adults by including those up to the age of 23.
  • Removing people who are not children (15 and up) the number drops to a total of 490 per year.
  • Removing suicides and leaving homicides drops the number to a total of 238 per year.
    • 238 per year = 0.65 per day across the entire United States


To Put This Into Perspective

311 are killed a year by fire (0.85 a day or 31% more than firearms)


756 are killed a year by drowning (2.07 a day or 217% more than firearms)


1,456 are killed a year by motor vehicles (3.99 a day or 512% more than firearms)



1,602 are killed a year by suffocation (4.39 a day or 573% more than firearms)


If you want to protect kids, outlaw swimming pools, plastic, and cars.


Note: We would like to thank Gun Facts for their tireless work in this area