China Forces Anal Swab Testing

China Resorts To Forcing Anal Swab Testing For CCP Virus

Anal swab testing is the next step China is forcing on their citizens in their non-stop draconian steps during the spread of the CCP (COVID-19) virus they released on the world. From welding people into their homes and even sealing everyone inside an international airport, China knows no bounds in their affronts to civil rights […]

New California Lockdowns

New California Lockdowns Impose Travel Restrictions On Its Residents And Visitors

VIDEO: Police Raid Home After Neighbor Snitches That 6 People Gathered In One Residence (Warning: Strong Language)

42 People Who Were Supposed To Get COVID-19 Vaccine Were Accidentally Injected With Something Else

how we move forward
2020 Election Updates Commentary Corruption Freedom & Liberty

How We Move Forward – Regaining Control From Radical Left Democrats And Establishment GOP RINOs

How we move forward is something everyone is asking. With the election, the inauguration installation, 17 damaging Executive Orders, and even removing the 1776 Report within minutes of being sworn into office, Biden and his leftist cabal are on a fast-track to fulfill their promises of destroying our Republic. I keep hearing the question, “How […]

Trump Pardons 73, Commutes Sentences Of 70 On Last Day In Office

A Trump Supporter At The Capitol Peacefully Protesting

A Trump Supporter’s Tale – We Were At The Capitol With High Hopes, Not Gas Masks

President Trump releases statement reiterating his call for no violence

President Trump Releases Statement Reiterating His Call For No Violence

gun registry
2nd Amendment

Brutal Anti-2A Bill Creates Gun Registry, Requires $800 License To Buy Ammo, And That’s Just For Starters

The latest bill by Democrats will require anyone who owns or wants to buy a gun or ammo to get permission from a psychologist, have friends and family interviewed, register with a federal gun registry, and pay an $800 yearly fee. And that’s just for starters.

Gun confiscation comes right after gun registration

Gun Confiscation Has Already Started Under Our New Government

2nd Amendment

GOA to “Combat at Every Turn” the Reckless Move by DOJ to Regulate Braced Pistols

Springfield, VA – In yet another reckless, bold and illegal move by the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the rogue agency has moved to target braced pistols and their owners. Gun Owners of America received a copy of a draft ATF document concerning pistol braces that is set to […]

Congresswoman-Elect Boebert Leads 83 Members And Member-Elects In Effort To Block Democrats Proposed Gun Grab

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