2020 Election Updates Big Tech Corruption

How the Left Uses Declassified CIA Brainwashing Techniques

In 1984, when I read the book “1984”, I was most concerned with overt oppression.  But now I realize that, as the predictions from Georg Orwell come to life before our eyes, the real oppression comes not from an iron hand, but from misinformation, lack of information, and censorship by the mainstream media, big tech, […]

Abortion Corruption

CORRUPTION ALERT: Planned Parenthood Donated Thousands to California AG

Whistleblowers expose Planned Parenthood illegally selling baby body parts Planned Parenthood donates to Democrats Democrats prosecute Whistleblowers for exposing Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood allowed to continue illegally selling baby body parts Remember earlier this week when California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (Democrat) shockingly charged the Planned Parenthood whistleblowers from the Center for Medical Progress with […]