NASA Caught Fabricating Northern Latitudes Data

The Facts There are two ways to show the warming trend needed to support the man-made climate change narrative Make  past temperatures cooler than they really were (to show a strong upward trend) Make current temperatures warmer than they really are (to show a strong upward trend) Charts (shown below) from reports published by NASA’s Goddard Institute […]

Planned Parenthood butchers laugh about slaughtering babies

BANNED VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Butchers Caught Laughing About Slaughtering Babies

UPDATE 5-31-2017: YouTube pulled down the video, calling it “inappropriate content”.  We are now hosting it offshore in Russia to keep it online.  There is now more evidence of us colluding with Russia than Donald Trump. Planned Parenthood butchers are caught laughing about slaughtering babies and dissecting them for body parts to sell.  A judge […]

University of California students riot to block speakers they don't agree with
1st Amendment Cancel Culture Schools

University of California Promotes Anti-American Values With Taxpayer Money

The University of California system, which has nine campuses across the state, openly promotes America-hating and American-hating leftist propaganda.  What’s worse, it does it while while taking tax dollars from those same Americans, to the tune of $2.9 billion just for the 2015-2016 school year. Some of the highlights of the University of California promoting leftist hate and […]